Giovanna Spadaro

Quantum-Touch  &  Reiki II Practitioner

T he message that underlies healing is simple yet radical: We are already whole.... Underneath our fears and worries, unaffected by the many layers of our conditioning and actions, is a peaceful core. The work of healing is peeling away the barriers of fear that keep us unaware of our true nature of love, peace, and rich interconnection with the web of life. Healing is the rediscovery of who we are and who we have always been.”    ~ Joan Borysenko


Welcome.  Here is a brief biography of my healing journey. 


I have always been fascinated with alternative healing methods but only considered following the path of becoming an energy healer about 7 years ago. The timing was right. I was experiencing the “empty nest” syndrome (my last child was entering college) and I have always loved taking care of people.  At the time I was a manager for a daycare and my office could only be reached through the “baby room.” The teachers were constantly putting infants in my arms, telling me that I had “healing hands” and that the babies would only stop crying when I held them.  This gave me my first idea that I could calm and soothe with my hands.


At around this time I was experiencing acute arthritis in my knees and could barely walk. The only relief I could find was through energy healing through a friend who performed Reiki on me. Her sessions seemed like miracles for my body. The pain would stop and my mobility would return almost immediately. I began to ask myself “why aren’t you doing healing work as well?” It occurred to me that I might be able to use my maternal talents in a way that could really help others. Because, for me, you see, energy healing is a wonderful way to legitimize tenderness. 


I began studying Quantum Touch and loved its practical application in my life. I could help others anywhere and for any kind of discomfort. My first “client” was a beautiful nine month old boy whose face had become badly scratched when he was taken outside for a walk. Since he wouldn’t let me hold him (he was too upset), I worked on him from a distance in my office. I employed all the methods I had learned from Quantum Touch….the breathwork, the visualizations, the intention and attention. When I checked on him again, he was laughing and there wasn’t a mark on him. How wonderful to see something so simple work so profoundly. It was that day that I decided I had become an energy healer. 


I received the first two degrees of Reiki the last couple of years and this also helps me immensely in my practice. I continue learning about different healing modalities every opportunity I get.